‘Wyrmwood: Apocalypse’: Wholesome New Images Are Covered In Bloody Guts [Exclusive]

Australian filmmaking duo (and brothers) Kiah Roache-Turner and Tristan Roache-Turner know gore. From their debut feature film Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead to their demons-meet-the-internet romp Nekrotronic, these two know how to work with red corn syrup and practical effects to create their nasty creatures. They’re back to show off their skills once again with Wyrmwood: Apocalypse, the sequel to their debut film. And these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos we scored show off not just gore, but a crew that had an incredible time on set.

In Wyrmwood: Apocalypse, Rhys lives in the zombie-infested wasteland. His job is to capture civilians and deliver them to what’s left of the military. When Rhys captures a half-zombie-half-human named Grace, he comes to believe she is the key to ending the apocalypse.  

With a mix of new and familiar faces from the creative worlds of the Roache-Turner brothers , Luke McKenzie (Wentworth, Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead), Bianca Bradey (Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead), Shantae Barnes-Cowan (Total Control), Tasia Zalar (Mystery Road), Jay Gallagher (Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, Nekrotronic), and Nicholas Boshier (Soul Mates) star in the film.

Speaking of our stars, we also got a look at the incredible character posters created for Wyrmwood: Apocalypse.

The brothers share co-writing credits while Kiah handles direction and Tristan produces. 

Blake Northfield (STREAMLINE) produced alongside Tristan Roache-Turner, and Todd Brown and Maxime Cottray executive produced for XYZ Films. 

Wyrmwood: Apocalypse hits digital on April 14.



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