Ketchum Adaptations Abound!


Jack Ketchum and Evil Andy at this year's Festival of Fear!It’s got to be a good time to be Jack Ketchum. The Lost (review) turned out to be a very faithful adaptation of his book and a great film to boot. The Girl Next Door has finished filming and by all accounts is sticking closely to the unsettling and provocative source material. So what’s next on the adaptation block?

We just got word from Ketchum that his script for The Passenger, based upon his novella of the same name, has been optioned by Lucky McKee, who already holds the film rights to and is directing Red. If that isn’t enough to sate you Ketchum freaks out there, the man also tells us that both The Off Season and Joyride have recently been optioned as well.

The Off Season has been optioned a half dozen times in the past, but according to Ketchum serious bucks might be behind the film this time. Here’s hoping we finally see it happen; survival horror is the sub-genre du jour right now, and given that The Off Season is the big bad cannibalistic granddaddy of them all (read Johnny’s review of the recent mass market release of the book), it deserves to be made.

In literary news, save your pennies for the upcoming expanded edition of Broken on the Wheel of Sex: The Jerzy Livingston Years from Overlook Connection Press, the novella “Weed Species” (said to be one of Ketchum’s most unsettling pieces) from Cemetery Dance, and a new story collection (!) Closing Time and Other Stories from Gauntlet.

It may be good to be Jack Ketchum right now, but damn, it’s pretty sweet to be a fan of the guy too!

Evil Andy

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