UK Film Fest News: BIFF 2013 Announces Bradford After Dark Lineup


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Running this April 11th-21st in conjunction with Virgin Media, the 19th Bradford International Film Festival has announced a rather impressive lineup of genre offerings to populate their “Bradford After Dark” programme. Check it out right here!

From the Press Release:
Bradford After Dark, the festival’s home of the creepy, the bizarre and the fantastic, returns to BIFF with a handpicked selection of horrifying delights to keep you awake at night. Each of this year’s After Dark films (selected by programmer Robert Nevitt) has something slightly different to offer those who seek out the darker side of cinema.

With treats including several unhealthy doses of satanic panic, an alphabetised guidebook of doom and a film best described as a waking nightmare, this year’s selection embodies the best of contemporary genre cinema: brave, courageous filmmaking from some of the world’s hottest genre talents.

Complete information on BIFF as a whole can be found on theofficial Bradford International Film Festival website, alongside ticket and pricing details. Also be sure to “like” BIFF on Facebook.

Screening this year are:

Friday 12 April, 8.15pm, IMAX and Friday 19 April, 10.45pm Cubby Broccoli Cinema

Following the premature death of her husband, Jorge, grieving widow Alicia gathers their circle of close friends to her home for the reading of a letter written by the deceased. Unbeknownst to the group, Alicia has an altogether different motive for bringing them together: namely, to use each of them as a sacrifice to bring Jorge back. Unfortunately no one ever said that resurrection would be easy… As the clock strikes 12, the house becomes surrounded by fog and the group are faced with ghosts from their respective pasts intent on exacting bloody revenge. From its surreal and gruesome opening right through to its blood-drenched climax, this visually arresting and highly ambitious shocker from Argentina combines the wit and gusto of vintage Sam Raimi with the stylistic tropes of the Italian giallo to create a strikingly original piece of cinema.

Friday 19 April, 8.15pm Cubby Broccoli Cinema

A trailblazing hit from the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival, Resolution is a genre-bending gem that will restore your faith in American indie horror. After receiving a video of his best friend Chris strung out on drugs in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, well-meaning everyman Michael decides an intervention is needed and embarks on a trip to help his friend. When Chris refuses to quit, Michael handcuffs him to a pipe in the cabin and forces him to go cold turkey. Things begin to go very wrong, however, when it transpires that Chris never sent him the video in the first place and a strange catalogue of events begins to unfold. As a bizarre menagerie of characters intersect with them, Chris and Michael attempt to decipher who or what is attempting to manipulate them before it’s too late. A fascinating Lynchian nightmare that you absolutely should not miss.

Friday 19 April, 10.45pm Pictureville Cinema and Saturday 10 April, 10.45pm Cubby Broccoli Cinema

After being released from prison, a solitary figure known only as The Rambler embarks upon a cross-country journey to reconnect with his estranged brother. As he negotiates his way along treacherous routes through remote backwater towns, he encounters a procession of strange characters; from an eccentric inventor who carries a machine he claims can record dreams onto VHS tape to a mysterious young woman whose journey overlaps and intersects with his. What begins as a story steeped in the American pulp tradition soon segues into a nightmarish travelogue through the darker recesses of the American heartland as one man attempts to take control of his life while surrounded by chaos on all sides. With rich cinematography and an immersive soundtrack, The Rambler is a feverish, hallucinatory road movie that combines a dreamy, hypnotic tone with sudden bursts of bloody violence and dark humour to create a midnight movie for the modern age.

Saturday 20 April, 8.15pm Pictureville Cinema

Hard rock radio DJ Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie) spends her time interviewing heavy metal bands and supposed experts on the supernatural and the occult, maintaining a skeptical stance along with her co-host (played by Dawn of the Dead’s Ken Foree.) When the station receives a wooden box containing a vinyl record credited to “The Lords”, she thinks nothing of playing it on her show, but the sinister recording sends Heidi into a haze of nightmares and hallucinations as the spirits of a coven of ancient witches are awakened to seek their bloody vengeance on the small town of Salem, Massachusetts. With a cast of bona fide icons of cult cinema (including E.T. and The Howling’s Dee Wallace and Patricia Quinn – Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and a permeating sense of dread akin to Rosemary’s Baby, The Lords of Salem represents the startling return of one of modern horror’s most divisive directors.

Saturday 20 April, 10.45pm Pictureville Cinema

Twenty-six directors. Twenty-six ways to die. The recent renaissance of the horror anthology continues with The ABCs of Death, a gruesome assault on the senses that leaves no blood-splattered stone unturned in the exploration of our fragile mortality. Bringing together an impressive roster of horror directors from across the globe – all of whom were given a letter of the alphabet, a $5000 budget and carte blanche to create their own vision inspired by death in one of its myriad forms – The ABCs of Death is not only a thrilling rollercoaster ride through virtually every form of grim demise you could dream of, but also a unique snapshot of the contemporary horror genre and the diverse directorial voices that work within it, including Ben Wheatley (Kill List, Sightseers), Ti West (The Innkeepers), and Srdjan Spasojevic (director of the infamous A Serbian Film).
NOTE: Directors Lee Hardcastle (T is for Toilet) and Simon Rumley (P is for Pressure) will attend the screening.

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