Monster House DVD Announced


Click to see the Monster House art bigger!Probably one of my favorite movies of the summer, horror or otherwise, was Monster House. Not just because of the talented voice cast and the badass looking animation, but because director Gil Kenan and crew really knew what they were doing when they sat down to make a film that one can first discover as a kid and go on to truly enjoy on new levels for the rest of their lives.

Timeless is a good word for it, I think, but Sony is not about timelessness (is that a word?), so they’ve already got the DVD planned for release on October 24th. The artwork is to the right, unsurprisingly similar to the highly effective theatrical poster, and features will include commentary, numerous featurettes, “Art of Monster House” gallery, evolutionary examinations for the characters, and DVD-ROM material. Both widescreen and fullscreen versions will be available.

Since the technology used to show the film in 3-D isn’t really available for home theater yet, don’t expect to be hearing about a 3-D version anytime soon, but if you did get a chance to see it over the summer, I hope that was the way in which you saw it because it really made it a deeper and richer film altogether. Be sure to read Andrew’s full review of it here for even more praise!

Johnny Butane

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