Disturbing Rituals and Haunted Hospitals Await You in ‘Last Radio Call’

Last Radio Call

Calling all found footage fans, we have a new film to get excited about! This one is Last Radio Call, from director Isaac Rodriguez. He’s known for found footage films such as Deadware and Unknown Visitor. Now, he’s back with his latest foray into the subgenre, this time tackling a seemingly haunted hospital.

Watch the trailer for ‘Last Radio Call’ here:

The film centers around Officer David Serling, who went missing inside the abandoned Yorktown Memorial Hospital. One year later, his wife hires a film crew to help discover what really happened that night. Using recovered body cam footage, she discovers a dark secret that sends her spiraling down a horrific path of an ancient evil. She must now face an unknown terror to find the answers she desperately seeks.

Rodriguez wrote and directed Last Radio Call. He also produced the film alongside Cynthia Bergen. 

Sarah Froelich, Jason Scarbough, June Griffin Garcia, Ali Alkhafaji, KeeKee Takatsuki, Bert Lopez, and Makayla Rodriguez star in the film.

Last Radio Call comes to the new Terror Films Channel on January 14. It then comes to digital and VOD platforms January 21.

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