A ‘Pumpkinhead’ Remake Is Now In the Works


Paramount Players, the production label from Paramount Pictures that continues to push further into the horror space, is officially working on a remake of Stan Winston’s Pumpkinhead.

As Bloody Disgusting reports, “[Paramount Players] is looking hard into developing existing intellectual properties, which is why [it’s] conjuring up a remake of Pumpkinhead. A script is completed and production is ramping up.”

Years ago, Peter Block was identified as a producer of the film, and Nate Atkins (S. Darko) was announced as its screenwriter. BD‘s report reminds us that the director of the project has yet to be disclosed.

Paramount Players’ revamp of the 1988 classic creature feature would add yet another entry to the company’s growing horror slate. Last year, the outfit released director Mark Tonderai’s supernatural horror Spell, and just last month, it released the seventh installment in the Paranormal Activity series, Paranormal Activity: The Next of Kin. An array of other anticipated horror titles, from Orphan: First Kill, to the Pet Sematary prequel, to Something’s Wrong With Rose, to Curfew, are also now in production.

Back in 2018, Dread Central reported that Studio ADI co-founder Tom Woodruff, Jr., who built the Pumpkinhead suit and played the monster in Winston’s movie, wrote a treatment for a socially conscious story set within the Pumpkinhead universe. The treatment was tentatively titled Pumpkinhead Origin.

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This was Woodruff’s concept:

“Set in 1937 Pennsylvania, Pumpkinhead Origin (treatment title) includes themes of racial tension, voodoo, and multiple demonic Pumpkinhead-like creatures. It tells the story of a Black man and his white wife who escape the racism and hatred of the south and travel north into the woods of Pennsylvania to settle in a small peaceful community. The appearance of the interracial couple outrages a local gang who sets off a slew of horrific hate crimes, including the brutalization of his wife and community elder. To put an end to the racially driven violence, the man utilizes his Voodoo practitioner skills to summon everyone’s favorite revenge demon, Pumpkinhead!”

At this time, it’s unclear what Paramount Players’ treatment will look like, but we hope it’ll be just as inspired.



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