Full Moon Unearths Wizard Video Collection of Rare Oversize VHS Boxes; Available with Authentically Duplicated Films Beginning February 12th

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wizard - Full Moon Unearths Wizard Video Collection of Rare Oversize VHS Boxes; Available with Authentically Duplicated Films Beginning February 12thOh, how fondly we remember those giant VHS boxes horror films came in back in the day. Sure, they were a bitch to fit onto your shelf, but the packaging was so cool.

Horror guru Charles Band and Full Moon Features have discovered Wizard Video’s treasure trove of these classic boxes, and you can get yours, with its authentically duplicated film, beginning next week.

The videos become available on February 12th, but you can check out the new Wizard Video website now, and by all means “like” Wizard Video on Facebook.

Take a look below for all the details, including a list of the titles and when they become available. Click the image under the details for a better look at the artwork.

From the Press Release
Horror legend and home video pioneer Charles Band had been putting off his warehouse cleaning for years. But during a recent overhaul of his extensive collection of collectibles, he unwittingly resurrected a veritable treasure of vintage horror limited-edition VHS boxes coveted by horror fans and serious collectors. Starting February 12th, fans will be able to purchase these original boxes with authentically duplicated VHS copies inside – at an incredibly reasonable price.

“Back in the 80’s, I thought it would be cool to release these films in the oversize VHS boxes,” explained Band. “In the short term it was very successful, but by 1982 the trend had run its course and the titles were reduced back to regular VHS dimensions.” Band started Wizard Video in 1980; it was the first to release horror cult films such as Halloween, Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and I Spit On Your Grave in the early days of home video. “The kids who remember these oversize packages remember them fondly.” Band continued. “The release of this collection is for them.”

Over a span of three to four years, Wizard Video published 80 titles in the large-format boxes. Thirty-five years after the packaging’s popularity died out, Band and his excavation team uncovered the original big VHS boxes of 36 of these rare titles in mint condition, between 200 to 400 of each title. Each box will be hand-numbered on the spine and autographed by Charles Band and will include an authentically duplicated VHS copy of the film inside of a clamshell holder. Band estimates that very few of these rare videos are still in print, and no more than five to ten thousand units were manufactured at the time.

Also found in the collection were original boxes of the first horror video games on the planet from Wizard Video’s sister company, Wizard Video Games. The Atari 2600 game boxes for Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween will be released in 2013 from Full Moon. At the time of their release, these titles were deemed too violent for children and were either banned or sold by request only, making them an extraordinarily rare find as well.

Every month, beginning February 12th, four titles will be on sale at $50 per title.

Here is the rollout schedule:

Return of the Zombies
Oasis of the Zombies

Virgin Among the Living Dead
Headless Eyes

I Spit On Your Grave
Blood Castle

Monster Hunter
Space Vampires
Screaming Dead

SS Experiment
Savage Island

Zombie Lake
Space Zombies
Best of Sex & Violence

Hell Train
Famous T&A

Invisible Dead
Miss Nude America Contest

Fraulein Devil
White Slave

wizard2 - Full Moon Unearths Wizard Video Collection of Rare Oversize VHS Boxes; Available with Authentically Duplicated Films Beginning February 12th

About Charles Band and Full Moon Features
Charles Band founded Media Home Entertainment in the late 1970’s, one of the first independent video distribution operations in America. With the foresight that home video was the future, a vision few others shared, he helped pave the way for the colossal home video boom to come. In the 1980’s Band produced such hit cult favorites as Ghoulies, Re-Animator, The Dungeonmaster, Dolls, Troll, Robot Jox, and many more.

Band founded Full Moon Features in 1989 following the early 80’s success with Wizard Video, which released such cult classics as Zombie 2, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and I Spit on Your Grave on VHS. Wizard Video was celebrated for its shocking and incomparable box art, especially after switching to the “big box” format. Band soon teamed with Paramount Pictures and Pioneer Home Entertainment for direct-to-video releases on VHS and Laserdisc. With upwards of 20 releases per year, Band has also built a reputation as a prolific and frequent director of entertaining low-budget genre films. In all Band has produced almost 300 features variously delving into the realms of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and family films under its Moonbeam Films label.

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