Exclusive: Being Human’s Sam Huntington on Josh’s New Beginning, Plans for a Normal Life, and Keeping the Beast at Bay

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Exclusive: Being Human's Sam Huntington on Josh's New Beginning, Plans for a Normal Life, and Keeping the Beast at BaySyfy’s “Being Human” gives fans a whole new perspective on what it is to be human. Viewers may have never expected that combining a vampire, werewolf, and ghost would lead to such a deep look into the human soul.

In this last installment of our exclusive interviews for the show’s third season return, we talk with co-star Sam Huntington on what lies ahead for the werewolf turned human, Josh Levison.

AMANDA DYAR: Josh has obviously been riding an up and down roller coaster of emotion since the beginning of the series, but when he is around Nora (Kristen Hager), he seems to feel a bit more at ease in his own life. Is it safe to assume that Nora is the key to taming the beast within Josh, and do you think the couple will last now that Josh has lost lycanthropy?

SAM HUNTINGTON: Although Josh’s life has indeed been a roller coaster (a particularly rickety one), Josh’s relationships with the people he loves are what keep him on solid(ish) ground. Josh’s relationship with Nora is what keeps him focused on his ultimate goal: to have a normal and happy life, and his love for her is the gas that fuels his drive.

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    AMANDA: At the end of the second season and through the beginning of the third, we see Josh becoming the murderer he never wanted to be. How will this affect the character moving forward, and what type of emotional burden do you place on yourself while acting in Season 3?

    SAM: Josh has come a long way for sure. Josh’s arc – and his emotional journey – has been an absolute blast to play. Josh did indeed become the murderer that he never wanted to be, but he did it because he was left with no other choice. He thought that not only was he saving Nora’s life by ending Ray’s, but he was lifting the curse for her. I don’t think Josh would’ve ever killed Ray if he didn’t think that by doing so he would cure Nora. This being said, it doesn’t exactly work out that way, and because of that Josh carries a tremendous amount of guilt around with him every day. This becomes more and more evident throughout Season 3.

    AMANDA: Josh has been an outcast trying to fit into the world of normal people for as long as the show has been going on, but now the roles have been reversed and he is a normal human being trying to fit in with a house full of monsters. Did you have to change your approach to playing the character much this season based on Josh’s new role, and can you envision a scenario where he would ever willingly turn back into a monster?

    Exclusive: Being Human's Sam Huntington on Josh's New Beginning, Plans for a Normal Life, and Keeping the Beast at Bay

    SAM: Honestly, the role reversal took me quite by surprise. I’d thought of about 100 ways they could play out the standoff between Nora, Josh, and Ray at the end of Season 2, but our writers managed to find one that I hadn’t thought of. And of course, it was by far the coolest. I definitely had to adjust my performance to accommodate Josh’s lack of lycanthropy, but to be honest, because Josh has been so desperate to cure himself over the past two seasons, the adjustment came pretty naturally. And yes, Josh would do anything for his loved ones, including willingly turning back into a monster.

    AMANDA: Now that Josh has been converted back to his human form, do you believe he will try and reconnect with his family? Do you believe this would be a good course of action for the character, or should he continue to distance himself forever?

    SAM: I don’t believe Josh would try to reconnect with his family. At least not by choice. He feels as though he’s still very much a member of a very dangerous crew, and I don’t think he’d want his family exposed to that.

    Be sure to tune in next Monday, February 11th, at 9/8c, for Episode 3.05, “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth.” All images courtesy of NBC Universal, Inc.

    “Being Human” Episode 3.05 – “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth” (airs February 11, 2013, on Syfy)
    Liam tries to pit Josh and Nora against Aidan; Sally gets closer with Max; Kenny suspects that Aidan may be a vampire.

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