Everything You Know About Bigfoot Has Been SQUATCH’D

The production of Stranded was prematurely halted because of the pandemic. Then it happened! The Squatch would not be silenced! We have come too far for this! He exists! The world must know! Thank the Gods for the producers over at Concept Media Films. For they have video documentation of the untold truth. Bigfoot needs his story told! It’s past damn time for the world to hear his side of the story.

Fortunately for all of us, Squatch’d premiered on YouTube June 22!

Squatch’d is a sort of comedic spiritual spinoff to our upcoming Bigfoot movie Stranded which had to halt production due to Covid. This also fills the time gap until we can get back into production for it.” Chris Gierowski, Executive Producer

For the sake of Sasquatch believers worldwide Stranded has a distribution deal with Wild Eye Releasing when it is finally completed.

SYNOPSIS: There are so many stories and legends about Bigfoot, but what if they were all wrong? What if Bigfoot has a different perspective?

Squatch’d is written and directed by Shawn Burkett (Betsy). Stars Brittany Blanton (Death Care), Ryan Stacy and Andrew Moore (Uberzombiefrau) as the voice of Bigfoot.

This should prove to be a fun series that offers a new spin on the legend.

You may or may not believe in Bigfoot, but I’ve spent some time out there in the woods. If you get out far enough away from the sounds of civilization. Anything seems possible. If you have any thoughts and would like to continue the conversation, you can leave a comment below or on our Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram. You can now find Dread Central on Google News or you can carry on the vibe with me personally on Twitter @psychobillychef!



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