Mickey Rourke and Jennifer Carpenter are teaming up for SHE’S STILL HERE

iky9ubsknmu 568x320 - Mickey Rourke and Jennifer Carpenter are teaming up for SHE'S STILL HERE

In “that’s unusual but not bad” news, Deadline is announcing that Mickey Rourke and Jennifer Carpenter are going to star in Supernatural horror film She’s Still Here. Archstone Entertainment will be launching the film for the Cannes virtual market.

Per Deadline: Written by Martin Gomez and to be directed by the Gaudioso twins, She’s Still Here tells the story of a desperate widower who is being tormented by the vengeful spirit of his deceased wife. Exasperated, he enlists the aide of his ghost-hunting nephew to decipher the haunting’s meaning and bring peace to his household.

The synopsis looks great. The Gaudioso twins are fairly new on the scene, with a handful of credits for films like The Ghost and the Whale and Duke. They must certainly be hype about stepping up and working with Rourke and Carpenter in She’s Still Here. Rourke more recently starred opposite Bella Thorne in the solid thriller GIRL.

Rourke is an oscar-nominated actor, praised for his virtuoso performance in Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler. Let’s hope he brings his gruff attitude and everyman sensibilities to She’s Still Here. Carpenter is no stranger to horror, having scared the hell out of us in The Exorcism of Emily Rose. She’s Still Here will start production this fall.

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