ADVENTURES IN NIGHTMARELAND: Coloring Book Series for All Ages

Adventures In Nightmareland is a new coloring book series that follows a young boy named Max, who doesn’t hate nightmares… he absolutely loves them. When he goes to sleep each night, he transforms into a ghoulish version of himself and travels around “Nightmareland” with his weird, creepy friends, visiting all sorts of crazy, horror environments.

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Check out the covers and some crazy preview pages from Adventures In Nightmareland below!

The series was the idea of Jake Tri, who is also the author of the Nightmare Soup series. Andre Reis is the illustrator and brings an incredibly unique, odd style to every illustration. The books are great for horror fans of all ages, as each one contains 25 strange images to color.

A third book is also set to be released later this year, completing the Adventures in Nightmareland trilogy. The books are only available at, which is a new book publisher specializing in horror, sci-fi, humor, and just odd books in general.

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Adventures in Nightmareland
Adventures in Nightmareland

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