Jason Voorhees Visits Big Fan with Cancer – I’m Not Crying!

Last year, a Jason Voorhees cosplayer by the name of SteelCityJason visited a young fan Declan in the hospital. The story – let alone the pics – are making this big bear of a horror movie fan tear up like a motherfucker. So be warned, your Grinch Heart is about to grow at least three sizes this morning.

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Here’s the story:

He writes: “Had a visit with my little best friend with cancer, Declan. He’s struggling lately and myself and @_itsriss needed to go visit him. So we did. I nearly fell apart when he hugged me and said “I love you Jason” …I love you too little buddy. And I’m praying for miracles.”

Jason Voorhees #Hero Visits Child Cancer Patient - I'm Not Crying!

He follows up with:

Declan McCombs. Sept 2015 – Nov 22, 2020. Rest In Peace, little friend. He passed at 12:15 am. My heart is broken. Thank you @sdfraz1428 for making it possible for so many of us to meet him and share your special relationship with this incredible little boy. All of the love he got from the rest of us local cosplayers came from Sean’s kind heart and devotion to make Declan’s limited time absolutely fun and filled with things he loves.

Thank you @_itsriss for coming along with me to see Declan and falling in love with him yourself, and photographing many of these shots in this post, and getting priceless video of him with me and @sdfraz1428. You are the best girlfriend, best friend and soul mate a man could dream of. Thank you @pixie_lafey for taking his story to the real Jason, and getting involved with this special little man.

Thank you @kanehodderkills for hearing the story from Pixie and making Declan’s day by FaceTiming with him three weeks ago. And lastly, thank you to all the other local cosplayers who responded to Sean’s idea of giving Declan his own backyard ComicCon for his 5th birthday back in September. You all gave him such a memorable day.

And thank you Victoria Ellis and Michael McCombs for sharing your precious little boy with all the costumed characters he loved so much. Your son was beyond priceless. We are all better people because of him, but the world is a lot less bright now that he’s passed. I’m gonna miss you little man.. and how Jason and Freddy were your heroes, because Jason and Freddy wouldn’t be afraid of cancer. Cancer would be afraid of them.

Jason Voorhees #Hero Visits Child Cancer Patient - I'm Not Crying!

Rest In Peace, Declan McCombs. Sept 2015 – Nov 22, 2020



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