New Images Emerge of THE COLLECTOR 3 aka THE COLLECTED (Currently Stalled in Production Limbo)

We recently reported that Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton’s third installment in The Collector franchise, The Collected, had been essentially abandoned following eight days of filming back in 2019.

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The filmmakers were clearly dissapointed, as are fans of the franchise.

Today, we’re getting another window in what might have been. Dread friend Pat Hannan directed us to some images from filmmaker Molly Coffee’s official website that show production images and set designs from The Collected. Check them out below.

Molly Coffee emerged as an award-winning filmmaker in the DIY stop-motion and puppet scene in Atlanta which segued pretty naturally into a career working in the art department on studio pictures. Molly has production-designed tv shows such as IFC’s Brockmire and Stan Against Evil and feature films like Nicolas Cage genre horror Willy’s Wonderland. She also makes time to focus on her own films moving into story-telling with a focus on women and diversity. 


Dunstan told The Thing With Two Heads podcast: “Well, we shot for eight days, and then it was shut down. I invested in this thing, I’d like to know what’s happening. We stopped hearing from anybody with the production. I know most of the props I brought there have been stolen. I would think that anybody else who invested in this movie that thinks that it’s happening, wouldn’t they like to know what’s happening? .. All calls and emails have gone unanswered. When you can’t get anyone on the phone and you don’t hear anything, at this point, I’m really p*ssed off.

Melton adds: “We actually stopped shooting in 2019. That was two years ago, and we only shot eight days, so [there’s only been] very, very little shot. Anything that’s been released has been from that time period, and there are no plans to start shooting it. We haven’t talked to anyone who was in the production… we’d love to finish it, but, I don’t know. We’re not the producers, so we don’t know.

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Dunstan and Melton co-wrote The Collected. It followed the events of The Collector and The Collection. Series stars Josh Stewart and also Emma Fitzpatrick were returning. Tom Atkins (Halloween III) was in there too with Randy Havens (Godzilla: King of the Monsters), Dot-Marie Jones (3 From Hell), and also Navi Rawat (Feast).

The Collection centered on a young woman who sneaks out of her house one night to attend an exclusive party, unaware of the horror that awaits her. A sick criminal, The Collector also crashes the party in search of fresh victims. A mercenary friend of her father then forces Arkin to come along on a mission to free her.


Are you a fan of The Collector and/or The Collection? Are you as bummed as we are that The Collected is currently stalled in production limbo? What do you think of these images from Molly Coffee? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @josh_millican.



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