CHRONIC HORROR Is Now Available to Stream on Tubi!

One of our first forays into original programming, Chronic Horror was launched by Dread Central in the fall of 2019. Season 1 was in full swing when, in 2020, plans for new episodes were shelved in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Still, Chronic Horror has incredible staying power; in fact, with cannabis use on the rise during the lockdown, the show is perhaps more relevant than ever.

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Today, we’re thrilled to announce that the show is now streaming for free on Tubi! Check out Season 1 now, HERE. The uninitiated can check out the trailer and synopsis and read more about Chronic Horror below.

Chronic Horror is a short-form interview series that crosses the streams of the worlds of horror filmmaking, horror fandom, and cannabis culture. Join our host Josh Millican, a cannabis and horror expert, and his guests.

Guests on Season 1 of Chronic Horror include Camilla Jackson, Dylan Reynolds, Richard Elfman, Anastasia Elfman, Sadie Katz, and Kai Smythe (aka Hairy Soul Man). The season also includes “Feild Trip” episodes to SOTA Studios and Cobb Estate; Josh is often joined by the internet’s Homicidal Homemaker, Kaci Hansen, his “partner in crime” Richard Trejo, and a foul-mouth puppet named Mr. Munchies!

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Tubi is an ad-supported free streaming service that offers over 20,000 TV shows and movies to watch for free. You can follow Chronic Horror on FacebookTwitter, and/or Instagram where news of a return will be announced.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your bong and head on over to Tubi for a smoking good time!

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