Here’s the New Trailer for Full Moon Feature’s Demonic Nightmare DON’T LET HER IN

Dont Let Her In Banner 750x422 - Here's the New Trailer for Full Moon Feature's Demonic Nightmare DON'T LET HER IN

Full Moon Features will be releasing their next chilling horror movie. A demonic shocker called Don’t Let Her In, on April 30th. Exclusively on their app and streaming platform, Following its 10-day FMF exclusive run, episode one of the Rosemary’s Baby-esque tale of terror will debut across all Full Moon Features channels; Amazon Prime Video, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Play, and also Xbox One, on May 10th.

Check out the trailer for Don’t Let Her In and also read more about the movie below.

The film follows Ben and Amber. They are an attractive young couple who rent out a room in their spacious loft to Serena, an eccentric, beautiful female artist…and they soon live to regret it… Slowly but surely, their seductive new tenant invades their minds, their beds, the very fabric of their lives. Then Amber finds herself pregnant. And the lovers begin to suspect that the fetus growing within her womb is something more than human. Something evil…and that Serena has been sent on a maternal mission from Hell itself. 

Don’t Let Her In is written and directed by Ted Nicolaou (Terrorvision, Subspecies, The Vampire Journals).

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Chock-full of Hollywood’s rising stars, the full cast list was also unveiled. Kelly Curran (Love Is Blind, Off Book, 4/20) is set to play Amber, a radiant, bohemian artist whose life descends into a nightmare after renting a spare room from a mysterious stranger. Lorin Doctor (Too Old to Die Young, The Brawler, American Crime Story) will play Serena, an ethereal artist with a timeless aura who hides her darker energies with a veneer of innocence and charm. And, Cole Pendery (Criminal Minds, #Bandcamp) signed on to play Ben, a self-obsessed, cannabis-infused, low-level rock musician who relies on his sense of humor over his intelligence as he becomes entangled in a demonic love triangle.

“I started my long friendship with Charlie Band, editing the film Tourist Trap,” says Nicolaou. “I worked for a number of years, editing his films, until he offered me my first feature to direct – the crazy monster comedy, TerrorVision. Over the years, we continued to make films together. Including the vampire saga Subspecies, and the family films Dragonworld, Remote, and Leapin’ Leprechauns. When he asked me to participate in his new slate of films, I jumped at the opportunity to meet the challenge of creating an effective horror film for the Full Moon Features streaming service. I hope horror fans everywhere enjoy Don’t Let Her In. An eerie story of aspiring young artists in LA, the insecurity of our perceptions and relationships. And how the shortage of affordable housing opens the door to a roommate from Hell.”

Dont Let Her In Banner 1024x576 - Here's the New Trailer for Full Moon Feature's Demonic Nightmare DON'T LET HER IN

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