Rick Grimes Fights Aliens With A Lightsaber In New Comic SKYBOUND X From WALKING DEAD Creator Robert Kirkman

Although he was previously killed off in The Walking Dead comic series, Rick Grimes will soon return in a brand new comic, and this time, he’ll be fighting aliens in addition to zombies. And no, before you ask, this isn’t an April Fools’ Day joke.

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Readers of The Walking Dead will be aware that issue seventy-five of the seminal comic series featured an alternate non-canonical ending in which Rick Grimes wakes from a coma only to find himself in the midst of a full-scale alien invasion. We have now learned that a new anthology comic called Skybound X will feature a weekly segment titled Rick Grimes 2000, which will serve as a continuation of the non-canonical alien invasion ending of issue seventy-five. In other words, there is going to be a weekly comic about Rick Grimes fighting aliens, which sounds like it could be the coolest thing ever.

Rick Grimes 2000 will be spread across all five issues of Skybound X. It will be written by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, with Ryan Ottley providing the artwork. And yes, Ottley’s cover for the first issue of Skybound X, which you can view below, really does show Rick Grimes wielding a lightsaber. Although it probably won’t be referred to by that particular name in the actual story due to copyright concerns. But it’s still clearly supposed to be a freaking lightsaber. Rick Grimes will definitely be using a form of laser sword throughout the series. The former sheriff has previously used everything from hatchets to crowbars in his war against the living dead. So it will be great to see him wielding a more elegant weapon when he goes up against his new alien foes.

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In addition to Rick Grimes 2000, the Skybound X anthology will also feature a number of separate stories. They will be canonical to the mainstream Walking Dead comics. One of which will feature Clementine, the fan-favorite character from Telltale’s acclaimed Walking Dead video game. On the other hand, other stories printed in Skybound X will not be connected to The Walking Dead. But will instead focus on various other characters from Skybound’s vast library, including Science Dog and Murder Falcon.

The first issue of Skybound X will be released by publisher Image Comics on July 7, 2021. So fans of The Walking Dead might want to mark that date in their calendars. Because a story featuring Rick Grimes fighting aliens with a lightsaber sounds too damn good to miss.


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