Before The Thing


We all wondered what happened after MacReady said he would just “wait to see what happens” at the end of John Carpenter’s seminal classic The Thing. Though the video game tried to answer it, the results were only so-so, so how about we try and see what happened before MacReady and crew even showed up?

Such is the plan of Strike Entertainment, which, according to Fangoria, is currently hunting around Hollywood to find a writer for a Thing prequel. Strike, you may recall, is the production house behind the Dawn of the Dead remake as well as James Gunn’s Slither, so it should make you feel better about a potential prequel to realize that both of those films featured as little CG as possible.

Obviously this project is in the early stages as of now and may end up not panning out at all, but if it does, I know I, for one, will be looking forward to seeing what they can do with it. Stay tuned for more!

Johnny Butane

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