Stephen King Now Compares COVID To Jason Voorhees

Sometimes I read something and a headline pops into my mind. And I have to write it down. Today it was Stephen King Compares COVID To Jason Voorhees. All because of this tweet from the Master of Horror himself.

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King tweets: “What governors like Abbott and DumbSantis don’t seem to realize is that COVID is like Jason Voorhees: it keeps coming back.”

Check out his tweet below.

That’s a good headline, right?

I think so.

Jason Voorhees is the main killer from the Friday the 13th series. But he didn’t really show up until Friday the 13th Part 2. The second entry in the long-running horror series focused on a group of teenage would-be counselors converging on Camp Crystal Lake for training under the tutelage of head counselor Paul. Inevitably, Paul relates the story of Jason, a boy who ostensibly drowned at the camp and whose mother murdered a group of counselors in revenge. No one takes the tale seriously until a very much alive Jason begins gruesomely eliminating people.

The film sports a 28% approval rating over on Rotten Tomatoes. The Critics Consensus reads: Friday the 13th Part 2 sets the template for the franchise to follow with more teen victims, more gruesome set pieces, and fewer reasons to keep following along.

Amy Steel (April Fools Day) stars with John Furey (Black Thunder), Kirsten Baker (Please Don’t Eat the Babies), and also Stuart Charno (Christine). Plus Adrienne King, the original Friday the 13th Final Girl cameos with Warrington Gillette as Jason.

Stephen King Now Compares COVID To Jason Voorhees

What’s your favorite Jason Voorhees motion picture?

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