Mondo Now Has New GODZILLA VS KONG Tiki Mugs/ Phantom City Creative Posters

Godzilla vs Kong hasn’t even arrived in US theaters yet (two more days to go) and it’s already spawned a massive toy-line. But if you’re a collector with more grown-up tastes, the merch-slingers at Mondo have you covered. Today, they unveiled new Godzilla and Kong Tiki Mugs, along with a new poster collab (in two variants) they created with Phantom City Creative.

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Mondo GODZILLA Tiki Mug

“For the record, Team Kong – we’re not playing favorites,” the Mondo team explains. “Our Godzilla vs. Kong: Kong Tiki Mug sports Black Satin, as well as a brown variant. Designed by our own Mike Bonanno and sculpted by Tufan Sezer and Mike Bonanno.

Mondo KONG Tiki Mug

Raise up your mugs to the mighty Kong! “This was an incredibly fun one for me to work on and it was a challenge coming up with a nice companion to the amazingly textured Godzilla Hector designed. I’m a monkey on the chinese zodiac calendar and also… I’m called Mikey Bananas all the time, so of course, I gotta lean towards Team Kong.”

And because a movie isn’t a movie without a poster, Mondo’s bringing you two from Phantom City Creative. Each is 24″ x 36″ and features identical designs that meld the movie’s titans into an artful optical illusion. Each will be available in limited edition runs of 200, for $50. 

Order your tiki mugs and/or posters from Mondo now, HERE.

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