Woodhaven Productions Films Infected and Self-Storage Acquired by Screen Media Films for Distro

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Fresh off a successful premiere at Rock and Shock in Worcester last weekend, producer Chad A. Verdi announces his films Infected and Self-Storage have been nabbed by Screen Media Films as part of a developing four-picture deal.

From the Press Release
Verdi Productions and the Woodhaven Production Company are pleased to announce the sale of its films Infected and Self-Storage to Screen Media Films of New York.

Infected premiered at Rock and Shock to a sellout crowd on October 13 and will hit select theaters on October 25. Showcase Cinemas in Warwick, RI will kick start the release with the film moving through other states just in time for Halloween. The zombie thriller set in the woods of New England, centers around Terry, an absentee father (Michael Madsen), and his son Andrew (Tom DeNucci), who must fight for survival when their small, close-knit hunting group becomes infected with a virus that originated from a rabid deer they killed and consumed. The infection causes the crew, including Doctor Denehey (William Forsythe), to become homicidal and violent and gives them an insatiable, cannibalistic thirst for humans.

Verdi stated, “The film will only be in select theaters until November 9th, due to the fact that Infected will have a worldwide VOD release that will reach over 100 million homes in the first quarter of 2013. The VOD platform that Infected will be released on is a filmmakers dream.”

The other film in the Woodhaven/Screen Media Films Deal is Self-Storage which is still in post-production. Verdi added, “It was sold on just its 90 second trailer, that’s how good this film is.” Self-Storage stars Eric Roberts, Jonathan Silverman, Michael Berryman and is directed by Tom DeNucci.

Verdi and Screen Media Films are in the final stages of signing a four-picture deal with all four films being completed by the end of 2014. Upon the delivery of each film, Screen Media Films will acquire all worldwide rights. Verdi stated, “It’s a win-win for both companies. We are making films knowing they are already sold and have distribution while SMF receives a constant flow of films for their pipeline.” Verdi added, “Our goal is to produce all four films in the state of Rhode Island, but recent events could prohibit this from happening.”

Woodhaven Productions Films Infected and Self-Storage Acquired by Screen Media Films for Distro

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