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“Paranormal Paparazzi” on Travel Channel

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pp - Host Aaron Sagers Talks Paranormal PaparazziAaron Sagers has been around the block. He’s been an entertainment journalist for 10 years, has run ParanormalPopCulture.com for the past four and has contributed work everywhere from CNN.com to Playboy. Now he’s the lead man for the Travel Channel’s new show “Paranormal Paparazzi.”

The show premieres this Friday, September 28, on the Travel Channel with two back-to-back episodes beginning at 7p.m. ET. “For a long time, I’ve been an entertainment journalist, and in the last couple years I’ve focused on the popular culture component of the paranormal,” Sagers said. “I would say that “Paranormal Paparazzi” is an entertainment news show. It’s very fast-paced, a fresh entertainment news show that’s not like anything that’s been out there before. What’s interesting is that we cover all aspects of the paranormal, including going to horror conventions and exploring the celebrity side of the paranormal, supernatural and horror worlds. It’s cool because we’re not telling people what to believe, we’re not saying what’s real and what’s not real, we’re kind of investigating these stories and putting them out there for the viewer to decide whatever they think.”

Although the show is co-executively produced by Sagers and Zak Bagans of “Ghost Adventures,” “Paranormal Paparazzi” does not follow the same format. “We are not a paranormal investigative television show,” Sagers said. “Zak does very well with “Ghost Adventures,” so we’re not trying to duplicate what he does.” Instead, the show is a fresh new approach to the world of the paranormal, supernatural and horror.

“With Zak and I, we bring two different sets of interests and sensibilities, but there is a lot of crossover,” Sagers said. “Zak knows the paranormal and the ghost world, and I know the paranormal pop culture world, and there is definitely a lot of material out there. When you tune in to the show you’re going to get vampires, aliens, crazy monsters that are out there in addition to the ghosts, in addition to the celebrity component and in addition to the horror world. We even go to one of the Horrorhound conventions and talk to some of the people who are icons in the horror world and ask what they think about being actors within this genre and about their own experiences. Like any crazy, paranormal experiences they’ve had while filming their horror movies. We also go out and talk to eyewitnesses who say they’ve seen crazy stuff out there in the big, wide world that we investigate.”

sagers1 - Host Aaron Sagers Talks Paranormal Paparazzi

Of course what we are most excited about here at Dread Central is the incredible opportunity being afforded to us by “Paranormal Paparazzi,” that being the opportunity to come on board and contribute to the show with The Dread Central Report. “You can’t find a better source for horror news and the inside perspective on the horror world than Dread Central,” Sagers said. “Long before I was ever involved in this project I’ve known Dread Central and The Dread Central report is an insider peek at the horror community that comes to us on “Paranormal Paparazzi.” Steve (Uncle Creepy) Barton and his Dread Central team always say ‘Hey, look, we know that the paranormal and supernatural and horror worlds really all belong together.’ I don’t want to spoil The Dread Central Report content, but it’s really an inside look at the horror world that is present in “Paranormal Paparazzi.” And I think people who tune in will see all these worlds belong together and it’s a lot of fun.”

His work on “Paranormal Paparazzi” is just a natural progression for Sagers who has been a lifelong fan of horror and the spooky subjects in general. “I’ve always had a fascination with the paranormal, with ghost stories, with horror,” Sagers said. “I grew up as a crazy horror kid. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of my favorite movies. Halloween. I was steeped in this stuff early on and oddly enough for me the paranormal and supernatural and horror, the stuff that’s real and the stuff that’s fiction, was always kind of one and the same for me. I was the kid that was in the water and completely expected Jaws to be out there. I would go in the cornfield and expect to encounter Malachi. For me, all those awesome legends and awesome horror movies were all sort of one and the same and that’s what sort of led me to starting ParanormalPopCulture.com. And honestly I think that’s what led to Zak and me hitting it off.”

And being the fan that he is, Sagers really appreciates some of the unique situations his career has put him in. “Last week I was speaking at a convention called Scare-a-Con in Syracuse,” Sagers said. “I’m in a room with Danielle Harris, Derek Mears, Kane Hodder, people I really respect and whose work I really love. And then to hear that they’re interested in the paranormal makes that all the crazier and all the more exciting. I’m so flattered because I get to work with all these guys and for me it’s not even work. It’s like a boyhood dream come true.”

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Sagers continued with some of the things viewers of the show can expect to see. “I’m a huge zombie-head, a huge fan of zombies, so on “Paranormal Paparazzi” we might talk to some cast members from “The Walking Dead” and then we might go up to New Jersey and actually go to a zombie survival camp to look at how you might actually survive a zombie apocalypse. And there are going to be other exciting guest stars. You may perhaps hear Max Brooks call into the show and talk a little bit about zombies after we go to an apocalyptic bunker out in the middle of nowhere in Texas. It’s really cool because we got an amazing amount of buy-in from people from all these different aspects from the paranormal and horror worlds. So you’re going to see a fair amount of those people making appearances on the show. I would say if you’re a fan of Halloween, a fan of Friday the 13th, a fan of Paranormal Activity, a fan of World War Z, then you’re going to see some of your favorite people on the show.”

Continuing on with some of the features to be presented, Sagers said, “We go back to The Amityville Horror house and add a new component and new evidence to the Amityville story. And we also go to places like New Orleans and investigate really haunted places, including Will Ferrells’ haunted trailer that was supposedly in New Orleans while he was filming a movie.”

But Sagers isn’t handling all this journalistic work by himself. “Paranormal Paparazzi” has surrounded him with an impressive team. “We have people from all different perspectives on “Paranormal Paparazzi,” Sagers said. “We have guys like Joshua P. Warren who is a researcher. He’s a die-hard paranormalist and a guy who’s built his career within the paranormal. Then we have Rachel Fine who’s newer to the paranormal world. She’s worked for Howard Stern on “Fine Time” which airs on HowardTV. We have Branden Wellington who’s completely new to the world and new to tv and everything and he’s coming at it with a fresh perspective. Scott Gruenwald who is a well-known paranormal investigator. And it’s sort of my job to combine all of those experiences and all of those perspectives and say ‘What’s really going on here? Like I know you believe this or you believe that or maybe you don’t’ believe this…What are the different perspectives here?’ I’m sort of the editor-in-chief and also the skeptic-in-chief. The guy that kind of brings it all together.”

Sagers feels the uniqueness of the show is one of it’s biggest selling points. “This show is going to be so different for a lot of people out there because we are really the first show that says ‘Hey look, you’re a fan of the movies and you’re a fan of all this crazy shit out there and you’re also truly going out there and investigating. We can all gather together and have an awesome time and have fun with this big paranormal world.’ The show combines all the elements. People who normally say ‘I’m not a fan of the paranormal’ are going to tune into this show and they’re going to realize ‘Hey, I really am a fan of the paranormal and all this stuff.'”

We’ll all get a chance to see just what we’re fans of this Friday, September 28 at 7p.m. on the Travel Channel when “Paranormal Paparazzi” makes its triumphant debut with Aaron Sagers and his crew, The Dread Central Report and all kinds of strange and entertaining reports from around the globe. “For people out there who are fans of this stuff, keep an eye on the Travel Channel for “Paranormal Paparazzi” and also take a look at ParanormalPopCulture.com for an even further perspective at this world,” Sagers said. “Follow “Paranormal Paparazzi” on Twitter (@ParaPaparazzi) and keep an eye on the stuff that’s going on. If people are into this world they need to tune in because this is really going to blow their minds, in a good way. We’re all really excited to see this thing come out.”

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