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Two New Books for Your Horror Library: The Coffee Table Book of Doom and Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide



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With the autumnal equinox upon us, all we can think about is finally getting some relief from this crazy summer’s heatwaves and curling up with a good book. If you’re the same, here are two that should be on your radar.

First up is Steven Appleby and Art Lester’s The Coffee Table Book of Doom, which tackles all doom-related questions to prepare us for whatever may seal our fate. Look for it on September 25th from Plume.

Could 2012 be the year of our annihilation? The Mayan Calendar predicts the date as December 21, 2012; Pastor Harold Camping reaffirms October 21st as “Judgment Day”; and even author Dan Brown cited the year 2012 for the apocalypse in The Lost Symbol. Thankfully famed cartoonist and illustrator Steven Appleby and journalist Art Lester have created a brilliantly funny, superbly illustrated and erudite guide to prepare us in all the ways we might cease to exist – space earthquakes, gender erosion, asteroid impact, pandemics, solar storms, and robotic revolts to name a few.

  • Could an alien invasion really happen?
  • Is every creature on Earth becoming female, leading to the end of mankind?
  • Will species become extinct with even moderate warming?
  • Is the human gene pool getting weaker?
  • Can earthquakes start in outer space?
  • What should you pack in your GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge) bags?

    The Coffee Table Book of Doom warns us that it’s not just the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse we have to worry about. This tongue-in-cheek informational book combines fascinating and often alarming facts with each chapter committed to the different ways of how mankind as we know it will come to a grisly end.

    Whether we’re baked, fried, frozen, or sucked dry… the end is near.

    doom - Two New Books for Your Horror Library: The Coffee Table Book of Doom and Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide

    Taking a different look at death – or rather, the lack thereof – is Glenn Kay’s Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide, Second Edition from Chicago Review Press. Film buff Kay traces the rise, fall, and resurrection of zombie movies—from the first frightening flick White Zombie in 1932 to the recent genre-bending thriller The Cabin in the Woods in 2012.

    Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide, Second Edition ships October 1st; you can pre-order it here.

    Now revised and expanded to include over 100 new spine-tingling films along with their accompanying posters and stills, this latest edition of Zombie Movies also includes a forward from renowned Cuban director Alejandro Brugués (Juan of the Dead). Regaling zombie movie fans with nearly 400 movie reviews using the author’s own illustrated rating system, this compendium also includes rare interviews with motion picture talents, a countdown of the 25 greatest zombie films ever made, and a hilarious guide to what differentiates a zombie from other ghouls, ghosts, and monsters. Tracing the evolution of the zombie in pop culture over the decades—from voodoo slave to brain-eating undead to raging infected—Zombie Movies provides plenty of informative and entertaining brain food for serious fans and casual moviegoers alike.

    Combining in-depth coverage of the genre’s most chilling (and sometimes humorous) films with 16 pages of color poster reproductions and more than 200 black and white movie stills, Zombie Movies is a fun and fascinating overview of a film genre that, like its monsters, just won’t die.

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