Daisy Ridley Joins New Psychological Thriller THE MARSH KING’S DAUGHTER

Daisy Ridley (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) will star in the upcoming adaptation of author Karen Dionne’s psychological thriller The Marsh King’s Daughter.

Ridley plays a woman with a dark secret, her father is the infamous “Marsh King” who kept her and her mother captive in the wilderness for years. After trying to escape her past, she’s must face her demons when her father escapes from prison.

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Neil Burger (Limitless, The Illusionist, Divergent) will direct from a script by Mark L. Smith (The Revenant) and Elle Smith. Black Bear Pictures will finance the project.

Teddy Schwarzman (The Imitation Game) will produce alongside Keith Redmon and Mark L. Smith (The Midnight Sky). Production starts in Canada this summer.

Here’s a longer synopsis of the book via Amazon:

Helena Pelletier has a loving husband, two beautiful daughters, and a business that fills her days. But she also has a secret: she is the product of an abduction. Her mother was kidnapped as a teenager by her father and kept in a remote cabin in the marshlands of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Helena, born two years after the abduction, loved her home in nature, and despite her father’s sometimes brutal behavior, she loved him, too…until she learned precisely how savage he could be.

More than twenty years later, she has buried her past so soundly that even her husband doesn’t know the truth. But now her father has killed two guards, escaped from prison, and disappeared into the marsh. The police begin a manhunt, but Helena knows they don’t stand a chance. Knows that only one person has the skills to find the survivalist the world calls the Marsh King—because only one person was ever trained by him: his daughter.

Have you read Karen Dionne’s book? Is it “horror”?

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