Meet Tobias McGriff – Your Guide to Zombies, Hags, Voodoo, and More in Savannah

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Meet Tobias McGriff - Your Guide to Zombies, Hags, Voodoo, and More in SavannahWith Halloween just around the corner, we’re getting lots of emails about new horror books so you can expect more stories like this over the coming weeks. On tap for today is Tobias McGriff’s Savannah Shadows:Tales from the Midnight Zombie Tour.

If you visit Savannah, Georgia (known as “America’s Most Haunted City”), and you’re having a particularly bad (meaning “good”) day, you just might experience the paranormal first-hand. Successful telecommunications engineer Tobias McGriff did, and it changed his life forever! Eventually the experience led him to a career change and a permanent move to Savannah, where he could continue his exploration into just exactly what had happened to him.

The result is Savannah Shadows:Tales from the Midnight Zombie Tour, an informative, fun, frightening, and at times even gruesome account based on his own experiences as the founder of Blue Orb Tours, considered Savannah’s premier ghost tour company, and the experiences of the participants on his tours.

McGriff is a participating member of the renowned Rhine Research Center in Durham, North Carolina, and is widely regarded as an expert on supernatural phenomena and the haunted history of the Deep South. He has also done story development for a number of paranormal reality programs and has been featured on Syfy’s “Haunted Highway” and many popular regional programs, such as “New Day Cleveland.” Tobias’ engaging personality served him well as host of “Savannah Paranormal” on Clear Channel’s WTKS, and his Blue Orb Tours was named “Best Savannah Ghost Tour 2011” by The Destination Guide.

Travel through the willful possession ceremonies of the Death Masquerade, the after-hours investigations of iconic locations such as the Sorrel-Weed House, and learn the details behind the exorcism of the home deemed the most psychically active residence in North America. Savannah Shadows has all this and more, including an expanded section on one of the most chilling phenomena in supernatural science: The Hag. Read detailed accounts of Hag encounters as told by the victims.

Savannah’s history is not just that of a port city. It is also one of a portal city. This book tells that story.

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