New Trailer: Masked Killers Terrorizes Townfolk in Rural Horror THE DEAD OF NIGHT (Now Streaming)

Alone and isolated at the family ranch, a dysfunctional brother and sister suddenly find themselves being terrorized and hunted by a pair of nomadic killers. A new suspense thriller that presents a study in rural horror, The Dead of Night premieres in Home Theaters on Digital and On Demand everywhere beginning today, March 9th, 2021, from Shout! Studios and VMI Worldwide.

Today, Dread Central is thrilled to exclusively debut the latest trailer for The Dead of Night! Give it a spin and read more about the movie below.

Soon after violent masked drifters dressed as wolves arrive in a small rural town, a local young couple goes missing and their bodies are discovered near a ranch run by brother and sister, Tommy and June.  Her ex-boyfriend and local deputy sheriff Luke start suspecting Tommy of murder, leaving the siblings ostracized and disenchanted with the community. The next day Tommy catches the killers committing another murder nearby and moves in closer to investigate but he is spotted by one of the drifters and chased across the ranch running for his life.  Isolated, the siblings as well as June’s best friend and her husband find themselves being hunted and terrorized by the nomadic killers setting the scene for a startling twist and a gruesome outcome that will change the town forever.

Directed and written by filmmaker Robert Dean (The DrifterThe Commando), Matthew Lawrence (Money PlaneEvol), and Lance Henriksen (AliensThe Blacklist) lead an impressive young cast of Jake Etheridge (DakotaNashville), Colby Crain (The Big Lady), Leah Bezozo (The Sopranos), and Kyle Overstreet (Give or Take). A PRC Productions in association with Buffalo 8 Productions, The Dead of Night is produced by Matthew Helderman, Troy Scoughton, Sr., and Robert Dean.

The Dead of Night takes the audiences into the dark side of “no man’s land” – the desolate high desert of  New Mexico.  Not many people know this film is based on a childhood fear of mine. There is something about growing up on an isolated ranch that truly inspired yet frightened me at the same time. Rural America is a strange crossroads where recluses, drifters, and outlaws like to dwell. It’s eerie out there – being in the middle of nowhere, especially at night. These feelings are what spawned The Dead of Night. I couldn’t be prouder of this film and every single individual that believed and helped bring this vision to life.” Says Robert Dean.

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