Monster Trouble: Dark Side Now Available for iOS Devices

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Monster Trouble: Dark Side is now available for download on iPhone, iPad and iPod for $3.99. Players will be tasked with controlling a horde of monsters and conquering the Great Lands to retrieve the rare talisman of the Moon Shadows. Read on to start your journey!

From the Press Release
With Monster Trouble Dark Side you are the strategist behind a horde of little monsters and you are charged with the task of conquering the Great Lands to retrieve the talisman of the Moon Shadows. It will not be easy, the defenses prepared by humans are powerful and you’ll have to use all of your cunning to succeed in the task.Monster Trouble Dark Side is a strategy game with an arcade twist, sophisticated enough to please the fans of the genre but also intuitive enough to be played by those who looks for the first time at strategy games.

The novelties in this game are many starting with some new and funny animated characters, including two orcs throwing darts and flaming arrows and vampires that fly and suck the blood of their victims, turning them into as many vampires. Added to this is the dynamic weather with short rains and storms (putting out fires) and the day / night cycle that characterizes some of the most frantic levels of the game. To make the gameplay even more interesting, in MT Dark Side there are also a number of power-ups ranging from Invisibility Cloak, and Magic Shield, to explosive potions and the seven-league boots, all of which create a great dynamism into the game without making it more complicated. The game interface has been kept as simple as possible. At the beginning of each level a marker identifies the objective and, if necessary, but only in the early stages, some comics will appear showing directions and suggestions, then you start to play.

You can visit the official Monster Trouble: Dark Side website to learn more about the game.

mtds - Monster Trouble: Dark Side Now Available for iOS Devices

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