UK Couple Build Incredible Godzilla Snow Sculpture

The UK was blanketed by a thick layer of snow this week, and one talented couple from Charlton-on-Ottmoor, Oxfordshire decided to put their creative skills to use by carving a magnificent snow sculpture of Godzilla in their front garden.

It took around two hours for Jade Larforest and Nick Wolfe to construct Snowzilla, and the result, which you can see in the gallery below, clearly speaks for itself. Jade works as a professional body paint artist, while Nick had rarely seen snow before in his life and was super excited when it covered Britain this week. And needless to say, they both love Godzilla, so the radioactive lizard was an obvious choice for their snow model. The couple used body paint and a butter knife to fine tune the sculpture, and naturally, their creation sparked a great deal of interest from passers by, who were stunned to see such a detailed work of art on their morning commute.

Because it was made of snow, the sculpture obviously only lasted for a few days before melting, but we’re glad these two hardcore Godzilla fans were able to pay homage to the King of the Monsters in such a fun and unique way before all the snow across the UK disappears.