Video: UK YouTuber Snags SPAWN Reboot Script–Thinks It’s “A Big Mess”

SPAWN 750x422 - Video: UK YouTuber Snags SPAWN Reboot Script--Thinks It's "A Big Mess"

Regular readers of Dread Central know that we’re huge fans of the videos produced by UK film critic/academic/creator Mr. H. A true horror fan with his finger on the pulse, he’s released scores of explorations and reviews. With trusted inside sources, Mr. H also lands enticing exclusives and can always be counted on to separate fact from fiction (his record for accuracy is fucking sterling).

He’s also not shy about expressing his opinions. Case in point: Mr. H’s most recent video is an exploration of the screenplay for Blumhouse’s Spawn reboot, currently in development.

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We at Dread make an effort to hold our opinions until a final product can be examined, but with all of the behind the scenes turmoil connected to the upcoming iteration, Mr. H’s insights may offer valuable insights into a production he dubs “a big mess”.

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While we don’t dare repeat any potential spoilers or speculations here, you’re welcome to watch the video for yourself below.

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