Scott Derrickson & Blumhouse Team For More New Horror TV

Sinister filmmakers Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill have signed a first-look TV deal with Blumhouse. Under the new two-year pact, their production company Crooked Highway will also develop projects for Blumhouse TV.

Jason Blum said: “I’m thrilled to welcome Scott, Cargill, and Sherryl into the Blumhouse family, to work with us in television. We have had a lot of success collaborating in film. And they’ve brought some great material in to develop that we can’t wait to get in front of fans.”

Scott Derrickson (Deliver Us From Evil) and Cargill (Doctor Strange) said: “It was an easy, natural progression for us to collaborate further with Jason in television, given our success with Blumhouse on the feature side.”

Several TV projects are already in development including:

Full Body Burden. Based on Kristen Iversen’s book. It tells the true story of a deadly government secret hidden in plain sight. The Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant outside of Denver.

Midnight Radio: An off-the-grid radio host begins to piece together the connections between various supernatural experiences described by his callers

The Devil’s Detective: Based on Simon Kurt Unsworth’s novel. Written by Stuart Hazeldine. It tells the story of a human investigator who navigates the intricate bureaucracies of Hell to solve high-profile murder cases amid a populace of angels, demons, and the damned.

Crooked Highway is also producing Scott Derrickson’s upcoming adaptation of Joe Hill’s The Black Phone for Universal. Sherryl Clark (Cloverfield, Morning Glory, Blackbird) has also been named president of production for Crooked Highway.

Are you up for more Scott Derrickson and Cargill horror?

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