Ben Affleck Wanted His BATMAN Movie to Be Dark & Wicked

Let Me In director Matt Reeves’ The Batman with Robert Pattinson is coming next year. But before Reeves, Ben Affleck was all set to return as the caped crusader and co-write his very own Dark Knight motion picture. But that never happened.

And today, Joe Manganiello (who was set to play Deathstroke) teases it would’ve been “really cool and really dark.” And a bit like David Fincher’s The Game.

Manganiello tells Yahoo: “There were similarities to The Game.”

He adds: “It was a really dark story in which Deathstroke was like a shark or a horror movie villain that was dismantling Bruce’s life from the inside out. It was this systemic thing. He killed everyone close to Bruce and destroyed his life to try and make him suffer because he felt that Bruce was responsible for something that happened to him. It was really cool, really dark, and really hard.”

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This sounds badass to me. But then again, I’m the guy whose favorite Batman movie is still Tim Burton’s Batman Returns with Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito.

The movie centers on the Penguin (DeVito) joining forces with Max Shreck (Walken) to kill the Batman (Keaton). But then Shreck kills his assistant, Selina Kyle (Pfeiffer), transforming her into the Catwoman. She teams up with the Penguin and Shreck to destroy Batman, but sparks fly when she confronts the caped crusader.

The film sports an 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. The Critics Consensus reads: Director Tim Burton’s dark, brooding atmosphere, Michael Keaton’s work as the tormented hero, and the flawless casting of Danny DeVito as The Penguin and Christopher Walken as, well, Christopher Walken make the sequel better than the first.

Would you have been up for Ben Affleck’s Batman?

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