BLAIR WITCH 2 Director Not Interested In Director’s Cut

Director Joe Berlinger‘s The Blair Witch Project sequel Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 is equally awful and underrated. And fans have long-wondered if we’ll ever get a director’s cut. But Berlinger doubts it will ever happen.

Berlinger tells “Well, I can’t do it. I don’t own the footage or the negative. I have asked [Lionsgate] several times. In fact, I forget, the last time there was an anniversary was the 10-year anniversary. The issue came up again. I asked them would they consider doing a director’s cut, because it took about 10 years for people … for the most part, I’ve put the thing out of my mind. But around the 10-year anniversary, that’s when I first became aware that there are some fans of the movie. Every now and then, I get an email like, ‘Gee, we’d love to do a director’s cut or whatever.’ Or something. I run into somebody or whatever.”

He continued: “I’ve tried several times to ask Lionsgate would they ever put out a director’s cut. They’re just not interested. It’s certainly not something I can do.”

He adds: “It’s not something I could do or I’m even interested in. Again, to me, this is just an outlier in my career that I pushed off because of the pain. But I learned a lot of great lessons. I don’t regret making this.

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Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 journeys into a dark and dangerous place where truth and fiction blur. Individual perception grows increasingly untrustworthy as the protagonists find themselves caught in a vortex of unspeakable evil, the origins of which — human or supernatural — remain chillingly uncertain.

The sequel sports a 14% rating over on Rotten Tomatoes with a Critics Consensus that reads: This sequel to Blair Witch Project is all formula and no creativity, mechanically borrowing elements from the original and other horror movies.

Do you dig Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2?

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