TROLL Star Phil Fondacaro to Make First-Ever Virtual Appearance for Digital Fan Event

Troll Banner 750x422 - TROLL Star Phil Fondacaro to Make First-Ever Virtual Appearance for Digital Fan Event

It’s not every day that you get to hang out with genre icons online.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that fan-favorite Phil Fondacaro (Troll, Willow, Land of the Dead, Ghoulies 2) will be hosting a virtual Q&A for Full Empire Promotions’ new digital con experience!

The event will take place this Saturday, November 28 at 4:00 p.m. EST. It will be live-streamed on Full Empire Promotions’ Facebook and YouTube pages.

And guess what?

It’s FREE! This is your chance to pick Fondacaro’s brain about anything — what it was like taking on two roles for Troll, working on Willow with Warwick Davis, being the only Ewok to die on-screen, whatever it may be — so make sure you join to ask questions and leave comments for him to read! 

Fondacaro is looking forward to this unique, fun way to interact with fans considering nearly everything has gone digital this year.

“All I know is the con experience where I actually see them [fans], so this is all new territory for me,” Fondacaro tells Dread Central.

Following the Q&A, you can chat one-on-one with Fondacaro for a five minute meet-and-greet via Zoom. You’ll even receive a recording of your meeting so you can keep it forever!

Video greetings, personally signed photos and posters are available for pre-order. You can also mail in your own item to be signed. (All available on Full Empire Promotions’ website here.) 

“When conventions come back, you’ll have your selfie, you’ll have your 30 seconds for another table, you’ll have your autograph, but you won’t be able to have something like this,” Dominic Mancini, Full Empire Promotions’ booking agent, said.

“The idea of meeting your fans and shaking their hands — you can see them, interact with them — is the greatest part of it. Now that that’s kind of been taken away, we have to try this. I think this will help a lot of people that like that [virtual] way to meet people,” Fondacaro says. “I like the idea of it, to where I’ll get as close to the people as possible. I’d love it to be where I can shake their hands, meet them and really see what you do for them, but I’m open to trying new things, so I’m pretty sure that this will be a success.

This is a one-day only event that can be accessed anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection to connect with the one and only Phil Fondacaro! For more information, please visit Full Empire Promotions’ website here.

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