Miracle or UFO Sighting? Richard Stanley Presents SANTIAGO LUTERO – THE LAST SECRET OF FATIMA

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In 1990, during the filming of a documentary that explored an alternative interpretation for the events that became known as the “Apparitions of Our Lady” and “The Miracle of the Sun”, in the year 1917, in Fátima, Portugal, an inexplicable phenomenon occurred involving a man named Santiago Lutero. The case was completely concealed by several entities, making it impossible to have any serious debate about what happened.

In 2015, Luciano Gaspar, co-author of that documentary, met Richard Stanley at Motel X film festival. Some years later, he sent him a videotape. Richard Stanley couldn’t believe his eyes… but he knew what had to be done. In order to unravel what really happened on that fateful night in 1990, Richard Stanley decided to help Luciano by producing a new documentary about his “unborn” documentary.


Santiago Lutero – The Last Secret of Fatima is a documentary project by ORPHEUS Film Productions in partnership with CPOFI (Portuguese Ufology and Unusual Phenomena Club), and the result of an in-depth investigation, including interviews with experts in the field, friends and family of the intervenients, witnesses of the phenomenon and the total recovery of the original tapes – never before revealed.

About Santiago Lutero:
A history professor at a high school. Musician. He theorized that the Fatima phenomenon had actually been the biggest UFO sighting of the 20th century. Santiago wanted to prove his thesis through a documentary, trying to capture on tape the moment when he would make contact with extraterrestrial beings through the “true universal language”, music.

About Luciano Gaspar:
Santiago Lutero’s student. He was his right arm during the shooting of the documentary and also his confidant. After an inexplicable phenomenon that happened to professor Santiago Lutero, Luciano abandoned the project and never shared the contents of what he had filmed. Until he met Richard Stanley.

About Richard Stanley:
Filmmaker. Anthropologist. Producer of Santiago Lutero – The Last Secret of Fátima. After receiving Luciano’s video-tape, Richard Stanley gathered a trustworthy team including Executive Producers, David Bond (Bloodthirsty) and Stephen Scarlata (Jodorowsky’s Dune) who are long term friends and created ORPHEUS Film Productions, in order to make a documentary about Santiago Lutero.

Richard Stanley said on November 18th, 2020:

“Seven years have passed since The Otherworld was released to the public – almost seven hundred years have passed since the death at the stake of the last fully initiated ‘Cathar’ adept (Guilhelm Belibaste d. 1321) – and seven hundred and seventy-seven years have passed since the fall of the ‘heretic’ citadel of Montségur (March 16, 1244) – the wheel turns and deep in the heart of the Pyrenees an ancient prophecy falls due. After seven centuries the laurel will turn green again and the old ways return, just as Belibaste promised his persecutors all those years ago. The time foretold is at hand. The Old Ones stir and a new world beckons…”

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About Guilherme Pina Gonçalves:
Portuguese director. Invited by Richard Stanley to direct Santiago Lutero – The Last Secret of Fatima, his debut film.

If Santiago Lutero – The Last Secret of Fatima sounds like a project you can get behind, producers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to procure finishing costs. Find out more, HERE.

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