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Believe it or not, it’s been around three years since last we told you anything about the sequel to Bruce McDonald’s stellar flick Pontypool (review), but lo and behold the sales art for the next film, Pontypool Changes, was spotted at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival!

Check it out below courtesy of Twitch.

Acclaimed director Bruce McDonald returns to the director’s chair with Pontypool Changes, a sequel to his highly anticipated psychological thriller Pontypool. The Pontypool sequel is reuniting McDonald with Pontypool screenwriter Tony Burgess, who adapted the original from his book ‘Pontypool Changes Everything’.

Pontypool, named after the small town in which it’s set, features veteran character actor Stephen McHattie (Watchmen, 300, A History of Violence) as a cantankerous radio DJ trapped within the station’s walls as a deadly virus consumes the town, turning its citizens into cannibalistic zombie-like creatures.

pontychange - Early Sales Art: Pontypool Changes

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  2. Really? I had no Idea there was plans for a sequel! Pontypool is one of my favourite zombie-ish movies, I just hope this follow-up doesn’t suck. :S

    • Similarly I had no idea this was being made. As far as the sequel goes, the original story was only one of several from the book. If Tony Burgess is adapting the script again, he will probably follow one of the other characters storylines.

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