“Dissecting Horror” Virtual Panel Series Continues October 28th with the Creatives of DON’T LOOK BACK

The next installment of the “Dissecting Horror” digital panel series will take place Wednesday, October 28th at 6pm PST and be with the creative talent from Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight’s recently released film Don’t Look Back.

Panelists include writer/director Jeffrey Reddick, composer Chris Thomas, producer/director of photography Andy Steinman and the film’s star Kourtney Bell. Dread’s Tyler Doupe’ will be moderating. Reddick has a long history in the horror franchise, he created the hugely successful Final Destination franchise.

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Don’t Look Back was released in theaters and On Demand October 16, 2020 and ­­­stars Kourtney Bell, Bryan Batt, Will Stout, Skyler Hart, Jeremy Holm, Jaqueline Fleming, Amanda Grace Benitez, Damon Lipari, Han Soto, Dean J. West and Stephen Twardokus.

Caitlin Kramer, a woman overcoming a tragic past, is among several people who see a man being fatally assaulted. When the witnesses start dying mysteriously, she must unearth if they’re being targeted by a killer or something far more insidious.

“Dissecting Horror” will be streamed on Dread Central’s Facebook page through Facebook Live and our Twitch Channel. The panel will also be made available on our official YouTube channel.

Dread Central and Jordan von Netzer of Projection PR launched the “Dissecting Horror” digital panel series April 15th with a focus on horror film scores. Panelists included composers Ronen Landa (Dark Sky Film’s 1BR), Devin Burrows (IFC’s The Wretched), Christian Davis (Vertical Entertainment’s Behind You) and Rafaël Leloup (IFC Films’ The Other Lamb). The second installment of the series took place May 6th and spotlighted the stunts of some of your favorite genre projects. Panelists included Emmy-winning stunt coordinator Hiro Koda (Netflix’s Stranger Things), stunt double and coordinator Jahnel Curfman (Netflix’s Bird Box), stunt coordinator Harry Dakanalis (Universal Pictures’ The Invisible Man) and stunt coordinator and double Jennifer Badger (The WB’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer). The third panel took place May 27th and focused on effects. Panelists included Heath Hood (special effects coordinator for Universal’s Halloween & Halloween Kills), Marcus Taormina (visual effects supervisor for Netflix’s Bright & Bird Box) and Jeremy Hays (special effects supervisor for Sony Pictures’ Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, Warner Bros. Pictures’ Doctor Sleep) and Jason Piccioni (visual effects supervisor for Hulu’s Castle Rock, FX’s American Horror Story). The fourth panel on June 17th was centered around LGBTQ+ creatives for pride month. Panelists included John Berardo (writer/director of Initiation), Carla Patullo (composer of Porno), Paul Etheredge (director of Hellbent) and Chris Crane (production designer for Disappearance at Clifton Hill). The fifth panel took place on July 8th and was with the creatives of Followed. Panelists included director Antoine Le, composer Jason Soudah, writer Todd Klick and editor Matthew Brewbaker. The sixth panel was with the creatives of Gravitas Ventures’ Cruiser and consisted of director Randy Ser, writer Sam Hensley, Jr., art director Dustin Fletcher and the film’s star Shuler Hensley. The last panel was with the creatives of Magnet Releasing’s 12 Hour Shift and consisted of writer/director Brea Grant, composer/cinematographer Matt Glass, sound supervisor/re-recording mixer Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach and one of the film’s stars Chloe Farnworth


Jeffrey Reddick, Writer/Director

Jeffrey Reddick is best known for creating the Final Destination (2000) film franchise. He also co-wrote the story for, and executive produced, Final Destination 2 (2003). Jeffrey lives in Los Angeles. He grew up in Eastern Kentucky and attended Berea College. Jeffrey made his first connection to the film industry at age 14, when he wrote a prequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and mailed it Bob Shaye, the President of New Line Cinema. Bob returned the material for being unsolicited. But the young man wrote Bob an aggressive reply, which won him over. Bob read the treatment and got back to Jeffrey. Bob, and his assistant, Joy Mann, stayed in contact with Jeffrey for over five years. When he went to The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York at age 19, Bob offered him an internship at New Line Cinema. This internship turned into an 11-year stint at the studio.

Aside from Final Destination (2000), which spawned four successful sequels, Jeffrey’s other credits include Lions Gate’s thriller, Tamara (2005), the remake of George Romero’s classic, Day of the Dead (2008), Dead Awake (2016) and The Final Wish (2018).

Chris Thomas, Composer

Headshots of Chris Thomas, composer, cellist. Shot at the house on Calatrana Drive, Woodland Hills on Tuesday, June 15, 2010. (Jen Klewitz © 2010)

Chris Thomas is a composer for film, television, theme parks, and a TEDx speaker. His scores have been nominated for a Film & TV Music Award, and he won the Gold Medal Prize at the Park City Film Music Festival, and Best Film & TV Music award at eWorld Music Awards. Chris has written music for several Emmy-nominated films, and for Woman Rebel, which was shortlisted for an Academy Award. In television, he works as a composer, orchestrator, and conductor for networks such as ABC, FOX, CBS and HBO. 

Chris’s work can be heard in theme parks all over the world. He has written music for the Evermore Adventure Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, Queen Mary Chill, Dreamland Theme Park (UK), Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, and many more.

Chris’s works for the concert hall have been performed from Carnegie Hall, Sydney Opera House, to the Hollywood Bowl. He recently premiered a series of concert works in France, Belgium, and Germany. His Symphony #1 (the Malheur Symphony) was the subject of a TED Talk in 2019.  His works are published with The FJH Music Company, Wingert-Jones Publications, and Carl Fischer Music. 

More information on Chris Thomas can be found at – www.christhomasmusic.com  

Kourtney Bell, Actress

Originally from Farmington Hills Michigan, Kourtney is graduate of the prestigious BFA acting program at University of Michigan. While in school, she landed roles in the independent feature It Follows and Comedy Central’s Detroiters. Since graduating, Kourtney booked the lead role in Jeffrey Reddick’s independent thriller Don’t Look Back as well as a role in CW’s critically acclaimed series All American.

Andy Steinman, Producer & Director of Photography

Working as a Cinematographer on independent features such as Saw, Never Back Down as well as the Scream: TV Series, has taught him how to intrinsically tell stories with the camera while defining the crucial aspects of any budget. Stolen starring Jon Hamm, Josh Lucas, Jessica Chastain, and Morena Baccarin was his first feature serving both as co-director and producer. 

Andy’s diverse experience includes producing live events such as the Maloof Money Cup, NYX Live Award Show and the Comikaze trade show and VR commercials for the Golden State Warriors, Accenture and CAA. Additionally, he has worked with Reliance Media Works, Wells Fargo and Pinewood Studios in structuring film funds. 


“Dissecting Horror ” with the creatives of Don’t Look Back


Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 at 6:00 PM PST/9:00 PM EST

Where & How?

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