First Stills of Jessica Cameron in Apocalyptic SHELTER Released as Filming Wraps

We’re huge fans of the very talented actress Jessica Cameron around these parts, which is why we’re thrilled to learn that her new apocalyptic thriller Shelter has now wrapped filming. Directed by Alex T. Hwang, who also wrote the screenplay alongside his wife and the film’s producer, Kathleen Hwang, Shelter takes place in the near future, with a married couple needing to face off an intruder whose existence poses a danger to humanity. Cameron stars in the lead role as a woman named Karen, and while we don’t know much else about the plot at this point, we were provided with some stills from the production, which can be viewed in the gallery below.

Shelter was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the cast and crew following strict safety guidelines throughout the entire process. It also stars Thomas Haley and Michael Jon Murphy, and the fact that it was shot with such a limited cast and crew was clearly beneficial for the production, as it would have been easier for those involved to have maintained the necessary level of social distancing.

In the press release which was provided to Dread Central, director Hwang offered the following statement about the production of Shelter:

“The best thing about shooting Shelter was that there were no divas, everyone helped, actors moved lights, they helped with clapper when needed, they went to pick up food when it was necessary, all worked on props and wardrobe, and the producer did sound recording. The shoot went smoothly without any conflicts. I loved shooting Shelter with a minimum amount of people, it takes me back to high school, when I was making movies on a super 8 camera with friends. Those were the best times, and Shelter brought back those feelings and wonderful memories.”

While it does not yet have a release date, you can stay updated with Shelter on Facebook and Instagram.



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