More “Murder Hornets” Discovered in Washington State as “Slaughter Phase” Approaches

Murder Hornet Banner 750x422 - More "Murder Hornets" Discovered in Washington State as "Slaughter Phase" Approaches

Scientists believe they are dealing with an undiscovered nest as six more “Murder Hornets” (aka Giant Asian Hornets) have been discovered in Washington State. What makes the discoveries more ominous is that the insects are nearing “slaughter phase”, a period when they are capable of decimating entire hives of honeybees.

The AP reports:

“A state scientist managed to trap one live Asian giant hornet near Blaine in recent days and officials tried to glue a radio tag to it so they could follow the hornet back to its nest, Spichiger said. But the glue did not dry fast enough, the radio tag fell off and the hornet ultimately could not fly, Spichiger said. Scientists hope to capture another live hornet and try again.”

Despite their intimidating moniker, “Murder Hornets” don’t pose much risk to humans. Scientists estimate the insects are responsible for “a few dozen” deaths a year, and it takes multiple stings to potentially kill a human. For context, there are approximately 62 deaths a year in the US attributed to normal hornets, wasps, and bees.

Still, Pacific-Northwesterners will likely be on egde until the “Murder Hornet” threat is completely eradicated. We’ll keep you posted!

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