Dark Island Gets the Green Light


Moviehole reported today that a new teen thriller with a video game twist has received the green light, and luckily it is not Stay Alive 2. Dark Island is Phil Avalon’s newest project, and he will both produce and direct.

Teens never learn. They never can resist remote island getaways. But without their stupidity we’d never see them get killed off one by one in some gross manner. Since Voodoo is one of the factors in Dark Island, we may even get to see some action involving pins and dolls!

Carey Meyer and her brother, Dan, are partners managing a computer game developer called “Digital Rage.” Not all is fun and games though as their last jaunt into the video game market took a dive, and now they are looking to produce the next big thing.

What better way to make a company profitable than to take an entire team from the developtment company to a remote island somewhere off Papua, New Guinea? Sure they are in the red, but this little business trip is just what they need to make the most realistic survival horror game. Nothing could go wrong, right?

Kryten Syxx

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