Hino’s Corpse Tale Drowned


The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Intermedia has optioned the rights to Adam Alleca’s The Drowning Man, a movie he wrote based on famed manga master Hideshi Hino’s The Living Corpse. Intermedia is also the house behind the upcoming Eric Valette-helmed remake of One Missed Call.

Corpse told the tale of man who wakes up with neither any memory nor a pulse and soon realizes that he is, in fact, a walking piece of rotting flesh. He is arrested and turned over to well-meaning scientists who unintentionally torture him to find out why and how he’s still able to move and think. Just how different Drowning Man will be from the source remains to be seen, but since THR called it a “sci-fi/action” spec, my guess is quite a bit. Alleca’s other recent sale, Home, about a man under house arrest who loses his head, is being produced by Wes Craven’s production company.

The main reason this news is significant, I believe, is that it shows just how far-reaching Hino’s work is still today, with people willing to put a good amount of money behind a concept that was written back in the 60’s, something that can still work for modern audiences. If you’re not familiar with the man’s manga work, Dark Horse has been doing a great job of getting it released Stateside these past few years. Click here to get Living Corpse through Evilshop and see what I mean!

Johnny Butane

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