NYX HORROR COLLECTIVE to Develop, Celebrate & Elevate Original Women-Led Genre Content

NYX Horror Collective is a community of diverse women creators, including BIPOC and LGBTQ+, who develop, celebrate, and elevate original, women-led horror content for film, TV, and new media. Members are drawn from across the industry and are transforming the genre through stories that explore race, gender, sexuality, mental and chronic illness, body image, and more.

NYX Co-Creators and founding members Melody Cooper and Kelly Krause shed further light on the mission of this incredible collective:

“Women are finally beginning to be recognized as horror creators and not thought of as unicorns within the genre. But we have much more work to do to make sure our projects are seen and opportunities to work are made available to us so that our experiences are part of the equation,” said Cooper. Krause added, “Nyx is here to turn the spotlight on women creators from varied backgrounds, and in doing so, change the genre space point of view—this is just the beginning, so keep your eye on us.”

NYX Horror is currently in development on a fictional sci-fi horror podcast. Created by a group of diverse women who came together amidst a world presently full of new uncertainties and constraints, the podcast offers a women-focused genre story featuring BIPOC characters that reflect our reality in ways that are relevant, relatable and highly compelling.

NYX LIVE is your source for the latest (and spookiest!) developments in the horror industry. This series of live Q&As and panels features the hottest horror creatives, serving as your gateway to those game-changers shaking up the genre through fresh, revolutionary perspectives. The NXY LIVE 2020 Season kicks off with the cast of Shudder’s creepy, Zoom-based horror movie, Host.

Find out more about NYX Horror and their upcoming projects and events at the organization’s official website, HERE.

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