THE WALKING DEAD: THE ALIEN One-Shot Comic Hardcover Edition Available Now

Fans of The Walking Dead are in for a treat, as the one-shot comic The Alien is now available as a deluxe hardcover edition. Originally released as a digital exclusive in 2016, this will be the first time the thirty-two-page spinoff has received a physical hardcover release, so fans are certainly going to want to add it to their collection. Especially since the hardcover edition includes a wealth of bonus material, including concept designs and sketches, making it an essential purchase. If you’re eager to own this comic, it’s now available on Skybound’s official store and on Image Comics’ website, as well as in physical comic book shops.

Unlike the core Walking Dead series, this story takes place in Spain, as the zombie outbreak happened all over the world. The story focuses on Jeff Grimes, the long-lost younger brother of Rick Grimes, as he struggles to return home to the United States shortly after the start of the apocalypse. And despite the name of the comic, it does not feature any actual extraterrestrial beings, although series creator Robert Kirkman recently joked that alien spores were responsible for the zombie outbreak.

The Alien was written by Brian K. Vaughan, who is something of a superstar in the comic book industry, as he created hugely popular series such as Saga, Ex Machina, and Y: The Last Man, in addition to winning numerous Hugo and Eisner Awards throughout his career. The artwork, on the other hand, was provided by Marcos Martin, who has previously worked on everything from Daredevil to The Amazing Spider-Man.

To date, The Alien remains the only official comic set in the universe of The Walking Dead not to have been written by Kirkman, although he gave his approval of the concept to Vaughan. Needless to say, this is certainly a comic which fans of The Walking Dead are not going to want to miss.



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