Kyle MacLachlan Thinks DUNE Should Be TV Series Like GAME OF THRONES

Denis Villeneuve’s epic adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune with Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, and Josh Brolin will open later this year.

And today the star of David Lynch’s version, Kyle MacLachlan says that the novel would be best suited into a 10 or 12 part miniseries.

MacLachlan tells IndieWire: “I would lobby for three or more films because it has that kind of potential to really open up. In my imagination, I always thought it would be great to approach it like a Game of Thrones model, where you have seasons, or at least a 10-part series, or a 12-part series. You could really go from beginning to end.”

He adds: “There’s a mysticism about it that is difficult to capture on film. That, combined with a straight-ahead story, and characters that are really well-created. They’re full people, and you want to spend time with each one of them. And that eats up your film time. It’s a real puzzle. It’s just so many elements that you have to bring together. I remember that when I first started reading the book back in the day, I would get to about page 50 or 60 and then have to return back to the very beginning just to put all the players in place. There are so many relationships that are important to understand and know. To hold the stories of each of those so the audience can remember, it’s just almost impossible.”

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune hits on December 18th.

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