New Clip from Award-Winning Kaiju Comedy NOTZILLA Out Now

Creepy Ex-Boyfriend Productions has joined forces with distributors Indie Rights for digital and Allied Vaughn for the physical media releases of the hilarious award-winning Kaiju comedy spoof Notzilla! The film was released today (August 18th, 2020). Purchase it now, HERE.

To celebrate the film’s release, producers dropped a new clip from Notzilla. Check it out below the trailer and synopsis!

When a scientist from Japan smuggles a monster’s egg into the United States, what could possibly go wrong when it actually hatches—and alcohol makes it grow taller than a skyscraper? The race is on as the monster drinks beer and wreaks havoc, the Japanese scientist tries to shrink it, and a crazed weapons physicist tries to nuke the monster—and possibly take the entire city of Cincinnati with it!

Notzilla is directed by Mitch Teemley and stars Frederic Eng-Li, Tifani Ahren Davis, Tim Bensch, Samantha Russell, Michael Bath, Becca Kravitz, and Spencer Lackey.

Since Godzilla vs Kong was pushed back into 2021, perhaps Notzilla can soothe our collective cravings for Kaiju mayhem!

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Notzilla has taken home the following awards:

WINNER: Best Feature Film — Florida Comedy Film Festival
WINNER: Best Comedy Feature — Will Rogers Motion Picture Festival
WINNER: Best in Show — Con Nooga Film Festival
WINNER: Best Actress, Feature (Tifani Ahren Davis) — Florida Comedy Film Festival
WINNER: Best Actress, Feature (Tifani Ahren Davis) — Simply Indie Film Fest
WINNER: Best Humor — Top Indie Film Awards
WINNER: Best Sound — Top Indie Film Awards

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