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Zombie Fans Rejoice! Script for The Dead 2 Moving Forward

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Widely regarded as one of the most popular recently made zombie films, The Dead has enjoyed a flood of fan support. And due to that outpouring of love, Howard J. Ford, one of the two directors of The Dead, has said progress on a script for The Dead 2 is moving forward nicely.

That’s right, if you dug The Dead (Blu-ray and DVD review here) it looks like it won’t be long before the zombie horde will be up and terrorizing mankind again. According to an interview on DailyDead.com, Howard J. Ford said, “Jon (co-director Jonathan Ford) is in the south of France at the moment, but I’m going down to the Cannes Film Festival and am meeting him there. We’re going to write together at his place in France and we are going to be penning The Dead 2. There’s already a lot down on paper, but there are gaps in it and there are a lot of things we couldn’t do in the first movie that we want to do in the second. Technically, we’re not officially announcing the sequel at the moment, but I’m hinting heavily that it’s likely to be going ahead. I think I can say that without my hands getting chopped off.

Ford continued, “Basically, it’s because of the fan support and the way it has been selling in America. Jon and I are incredibly grateful for everyone’s support and people putting their hard earned cash towards a Blu-ray or DVD of The Dead. Fan support is why we want to make a sequel. It’s not because we want to go back to Africa and get nearly killed. I can’t promise 100% that it will be in Africa, but whatever happens, it will take you somewhere you’ve never been in a zombie movie.”

Ford’s reservations about returning to Africa to film a sequel to The Dead are clearly stated in a book he released entitled Surviving The Dead, in which he details how the filmmakers had to deal with muggings, malaria and corrupt police to get the original film made.

“Jon and I have listened to as many comments we can find from fans of the film and proper fans of the genre,” Ford said. “We’re listening to the bits they like and the bits they don’t. Those comments on the internet aren’t being wasted. Jon and I are tapping into all of that to make a film that we feel we owe to the people who supported to The Dead. There are going to be bigger scenes in it. There are a couple of big action sequences we couldn’t do in the first one, and a few extra scares too, but we’re not going to lose sight of the little details from the first one. It’s the contrast of scale and intimate practical survival moments that excites us most.”

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