This Day in Horror History: John Carpenter Unleashed BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA in 1986

On this day in horror history, John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China with Kurt Russell Kim Cattrall, and James Hong was unleashed in 1986.

Original screenwriters Gary Goldman and David Z. Weinstein envisioned it as a Western set in the 1880s, but screenwriter W. D. Richter modernized it.

The $19-25M movie was a commercial failure, grossing $11.1M in the U.S. It received mixed reviews but has since become a cult classic.

Kurt Russell plays hard-boiled truck driver Jack Burton, who gets caught in a bizarre conflict within, and underneath, San Francisco’s Chinatown. An ancient Chinese prince and Chinatown crime lord has kidnapped a beautiful green-eyed woman, who is the fiancee to Jack’s best friend. Jack must help his friend rescue the girl before the evil Lo Pan uses her to break the ancient curse that keeps him a fleshless and immortal spirit.

The classic flick sports a solid 77% approval rating over on Rotten Tomatoes with a Critics Consensus that reads: Brimming with energy and packed with humor, Big Trouble in Little China distills kung fu B-movies as affectionately as it subverts them.

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