An awesome sounding crossover comic will soon be coming our way, as Dark Horse will be teaming up with IDW to publish Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons. The four-issue miniseries was announced by writer Jim Zub on his blog, and while he did not offer many plot details, he did say that the book will show how “Dungeons & Dragons has defined and strengthened the friendships in Stranger Things“. He then went on to say that the story will be “filled with adventure, heart and a few supernatural surprises.”

Zub will be writing the crossover series alongside Jody Houser, and the first issue is set to hit stores in November. We also know that Nate Piekos will handle the lettering, and that the artist Michele Assarasakorn, who goes by the pseudonym Msassyk, will also be involved with the artwork.

As fans of Netflix’s hit series will tell you, the four kids in Stranger Things are obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons, so a crossover between the two franchises seems like an excellent idea. The cover for the first issue, which was drawn by Diego Galindo, shows the kids wearing Dungeons & Dragons costumes, so we’re guessing the story will somehow see them being transported into the world of D&D and having to win the game in order to escape, or something to that effect.

Interestingly, in the third episode of the second season of Stranger Things, Mike says that when he thinks of himself and his friends in terms of D&D character classes, he considers himself a Paladin, Will a Cleric, Lucas a Ranger, Dustin a Bard, and Eleven as a Mage. The cover clearly depicts the characters dressed as these respective classes, with the exception of Will, who is clearly presented as a Mage instead of a Cleric. We can also see that Eleven is not featured on the cover, but given her popularity on the show, she will still probably appear in the book in some capacity.

While we don’t have many more details to go on at this point, Zub promised that preview art would be revealed soon, so watch this space. This seems like such a perfect crossover idea for a comic book that we’re surprised nobody thought of it sooner, and fans of both franchises are probably going to love Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons when it arrives later this year.



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