New Expose Suggests Known Pattern of Sexual Harassment By Adam Donaghey

Last month, we reported that indie horror producer Adam Donaghey had been arrested and charged with the rape of a minor whom he had met on a film set.

Today, The Daily Beast released a blistering expose on Donaghey, one that suggests systemic failures within the indie film community enabled his behavior. Penned by Senior Entertainment Editor Marlow Stern the expose digs into the additional allegations and claims first brought to light in a Reddit thread regarding Adam’s initial arrest.

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The biggest takeaway from the article is that Donaghey appears to have displayed a pattern of inappropriate sexual behavior that many who worked with him claim were well-documented. Most damning, a recording by Cristen Leah Haynes who worked with the producer on the set of Occupy Texas in 2014. Detailing unwanted sexual advances (insinuating a trade for future work), the audio clip was shared within the local film community and even on film sets he worked on.

Response to the article online has been intense and emotional as contributors, artists, and fans share their thoughts on the claims put forward.

Donaghey was a frequent collaborator with Cinestate as well as being deeply involved in the Dallas film community. His recent projects include popular movies from promising filmmakers, many covered here in recent months. For this reason, we believe it’s important to keep you up-to-date on how the story develops.

We will be reaching out to Cinestate CEO Dallas Sonnier for additional comments and hope to continue this conversation with the goal of promoting lasting change.



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