Human Centipede Rumor Mill – Udo Kier Replacing Dieter Laser?

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Before I type another word, let me be clear … at this point this story is COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED. That being said, it’s either a great rumor or really smart casting. Read on for the details.

Best Movies Ever is reporting that they have received word that Udo Kier is being pursued by Tom Six to star in The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence). This news comes after a legal dispute between original Pede star Dieter Laser and Six, over Laser backing out of the third film and holding up production.

Could Kier fill Laser scary German shoes? Honestly we can’t think of any one else who could. Would it be the same? Absolutely not. Still, for all we know Six could be cooking this whole thing up to bring early controversy to his flick. Who knows?!?

We’ll be here listening for ya!

cent - Human Centipede Rumor Mill - Udo Kier Replacing Dieter Laser?

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