STRANGER THINGS’ David Harbour Wants You To Text Him – For Real

David Harbour 750x422 - STRANGER THINGS' David Harbour Wants You To Text Him - For Real

In these trying times, celebs are getting sh*t left and right. Most times it’s warranted. But then you have Hellboy and Stranger Things star David Harbour who just wants you to text him and tell him about your day. For real.

He writes:

Text me (please not just ‘i love stranger things’ but with info about yourself, where are you? what do you do? Instagram handle? How’s money and work in this time? How’s family? Anything else you feel like might be interesting for me to know about you during all this?) 1 917 540 5294. Clearly, in the overwhelming nature of the numbers thing, I won’t get to reply to everyone, and I may not even see yours (apologies in advance if that happens) but I will try to compile some database of fans and friends to see if there are easy ways to connect and help each other in the future. If I am completely overwhelmed by this and it is a disaster I will keep you posted.

Check out his post below.

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