man bat 2020 1 - Man-Bat Returns To Terrorise Gotham City In New Comic Miniseries

Man-Bat Returns To Terrorise Gotham City In New Comic Miniseries

DC confirmed in their recent solicitations that a new comic miniseries focusing on Man-Bat will be debuting this year, with the first issue set to arrive in May.

The five issue miniseries will simply be titled Man-Bat, and it will see the monstrous human-bat hybrid returning to terrorise the residents of Gotham City. Naturally, this does not sit well with Batman, who vows to put a stop to Man-Bat’s monstrous shenanigans. Seeing as Batman vowed to protect Gotham City from evil, the idea of a bat monster literally feasting on innocent people almost seems like a mockery of the Caped Crusader’s original vow to keep the city safe. So it looks like this story will be a war between Batman and Man-Bat, with only one emerging victorious.

The book will be written by Dave Wielgosz, who is known for his work on last year’s A Very DC Halloween. Sumit Kumar will handle the interior artwork, with the covers being provided by Kyle Hotz. Kevin Nowlan also provided a variant cover for the first issue, which can be viewed alongside the very bloody standard cover in the gallery below.

Man-Bat first appeared in 1970, and as mentioned above, can be viewed as some kind of twisted mockery of Batman. While he was once a brilliant scientist named Kirk Langstrom, he made the mistake of injecting himself with an experimental serum designed to give humans enhanced sonar abilities, but instead transformed himself into a hideous human-bat hybrid.

Although he’s appeared in numerous cartoons over the years, Man-Bat has never been depicted in live action. Which is unfortunate, because the character almost seems tailor-made to star in a horror film. Either way, fans will be in for a look at the more horrific side of the DC Universe when the first issue of the new Man-Bat miniseries hits stores on May 6.

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